Our Technology

uLab is the future of clear aligner technology. Designed to work with the intraoral scanner and 3D printer of your choice, uLab harnesses advanced orthodontic protocols to offer the most intuitive, streamlined, and precise interface available in clear-aligner software. Flexibility to create combination treatment plans allows you to tailor each plan based on your patient’s individual needs. Advanced AI technology learns and applies your aesthetic preferences over time to create treatment plans faster and more efficiently.

How It Works

Scan your patient using any conventional intraoral scanner that outputs STL files. Program the desired treatment plan, which can include clear aligners, brackets, or a combination, in as little as 10 minutes. Design your patient’s aligners and fabricate them with the 3D printer of your choice. Our automated uContour machine will process (cut and initial polish) your 3D model with precision in about a minute. Create a seamless patient experience by custom-branding your aligners with the name of your practice.



How We Work With You

The Benefits of uLab Systems

Save time.

Reduce overhead costs.

Easily modify treatment plans.

Eliminate the need for expensive production companies.

Leverage the latest technology right in your office.

Software is a place where labor efficiency can be truly capitalized upon and uLab designed the most intuitive and efficient software workflow for orthodontists seen to date. uLab software does not care which scanner or printer you use, so it can be implemented without having to replace existing hardware.” – Bill Layman, DMD, MBA

Patient Benefits

The uLab system offers superior care to individuals looking for a simple way to straighten their teeth with clear aligners. Outlining their treatment process in detail, during their first appointment, will help patients understand what to expect and visualize their desired results. Patients will also feel confident moving forward, knowing you have full control over their treatment plan and that any refinements can easily be made along the way without delay.

Let Us Accommodate Your Practice

We make it easy to incorporate the uLab treatment system into your practice.

  uLAB Aligner Manufacturers Treatment Planning Software
Chairside Treatment Planning < 10 min Usually 10-15 days Usually several hours, not chairside
Chairside Aligner Delivery < 2 days 2–4 weeks Up to practice (days, weeks)
Minimal Ortho & Staff Training Time < 5 min to Plan Case 4-5 cycles for training, 20-30 minutes per case High level of training & computer proficiency, Major time commitment
Combo Treatment Capability
Treatment Monitoring "Retouch"
No Remote Treatment Planning Required Clinical quality standards complex, costly, and challenging

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